Horizon Property Holdings PLC (Horizon) is a fund management company that specialises in structuring and managing mutual funds and securitisations that invest in commercial and residential property, property development and reconstruction projects as well as strategic and development land. The funds that Horizon currently has under management as part of its highly specialised portfolio are shown below.
British Development Land Fund (“BDLF“ or the “Fund“) is a closed ended fund that aims to achieve long-term capital growth through investment in a diversified portfolio of Strategic Investment Land Asset, United Kingdom property-based assets or companies that invest in strategic investment land asset and UK property based assets.

BDLF aims to invest in strategic development land where opportunities to achieve exponential capital growth have been identified, due to the shortage of strategic residential development land in the United Kingdom (“UK”). In order to evolve a balanced investment portfolio, to complement the land development lands assets that the fund has acquired, BDLF intends to gradually acquire a portfolio of leasehold and freehold UK residential properties, where healthy rental yields can be achieved with the objective of improving overall liquidity. BDLF currently owns a diversified portfolio of strategic development land sites that are progressing through the planning application process, and which are expected to come to fruition,culminating in their expected sale to development projects. The experienced land and property team continue to identify new strategic land and property investment opportunities with a view to further expanding the Fund’s portfolio of assets.
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