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Horizon Property Holdings PLC (Horizon) is a company that specialises in the management of commercial and residential property, property development and project reconstruction as well as strategic and development land.

At the core of Horizon's proposition is its shrewd and rigorous approach to property. The senior management team of Horizon Property Holdings has over 60 years of collective experience in managing property and property related assets.

In recent years the UK property market has experienced a significant correction in value, made all the more severe as a result of the lack of funding offered by banks. It is during these periods of time when Horizon has focussed on seeking out opportunities, acquiring them and incubating the assets for more prosperous times ahead. The Horizon team have been very successful with these objectives during the recent period of financial austerity and have continued to acquire potential development land sites and rental properties with a strong chance of delivering capital growth and income yield during and beyond market recovery.

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